Refunds &


Due to the nature of our work , ATTP Dance Studio does not offer refunds or exchanges for classes or on products for purchase in our shop.

ALL payments made to ATTP Dance Studio are NON-REFUNDABLE, including deposits.


Deposits are only required for parties and stage pole rentals. The deposits will be specified at the time of inquiry.


Sports bra and shorts that are above the knee are the supported clothing options at ATTP Dance Studio. Any other clothing items worn to class will/can be seen as a safety hazard because you need as much available skin to achieve the best results in class. If the supported items aren't worn there will be a call for the class to be forfeited and rescheduled for another date and time that best suits the students schedule.

NO Lotions

or Oils

Lotions and oils are two of this sports biggest safety hazards. If worn an explanation will be given about the danger of poling while wearing these items. You will then be asked to leave and reschedule the class for another time a date that best suits your schedule.


Once a student is 10 minutes late for their class the class is seen as forfeited and will be considered canceled. Please understand that classes run in 35 minute increments. 10 minutes or longer in tardiness hinder the time it takes to accomplish whats being taught in class that day.


All classes are private. There are no extra guest allowed for this reason. The only circumstance with which more than 1 person is allowed per class is if a class is discussed and booked ahead of time for ONLY 2 people.


All cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the initial class time. If a cancellation is made the same day there will be $15 late cancellation fee that must be paid prior to returning for a students next class. If the late cancellation fee is not paid all currently scheduled classes will be forfeited until the cancellation fee is paid.

Class Expiration

Class packages have 1 year from the date purchased to be used before expiring.

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